Sioux City Roller Dames

Welcome!! We are in the midst of our 2015 season - our 7th season in Sioux City!

Please check out our schedule and join us for a bout!

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Upcoming Events

Feb 13

Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Sioux Falls, SD

Mar 5

Sioux City, IA

Mar 26

Omaha, NE


For all our records, scores, and opponents go to Flat Track Stats.

9/26/15 Sioux City 261, Springfield 71

8/29/15 DuPage Derby 299, Sioux City 170

6/27/15 North Star 179, Sioux City 136

6/20/15 Sioux City 267, Dakota City 89

5/30/15 Sioux City 319, ICTRG 86

4/18/15 Sioux City 474, Sioux Falls 17

4/4/15 Omaha 174, Sioux City 139